CDSA Search Official Level 1 (SO1) Application Requirements

SO applicants must maintain a current CDSA Membership and meet the following criteria to apply to the program. Successful completion of the SO1 Program will prepare the applicant to SO for Amateur, DS1 & DS2 Level Trials.

  • Be an approved CDSA Judge

  • Be an active instructor of detection sport for a 2 years minimum (or retired with a minimum of 4 years) OR an active working dog handler for a minimum of 3 years (or retired with a minimum of 5 years) - Hours for either must equal a minimum of 250 hours of hide setting for dog/handler

  • Judge OR shadow judge/SO a minimum of 2 CDSA Trials (any levels)

  • Judge a minimum of 5 detection sport trials of any organization (CDSA, CKC, NACSW, C-WAGs, ABC Games, SDDA)

  • Have experience competing in a minimum of 8 detection sport trials. Must be in at least 2 different organizations

  • Volunteering, hosting OR shadow judging at a minimum of 5 Detection Sport Trials. Must be in at least 2 different organizations. Hours must equal a minimum of 35 hours

Curriculum to be announced soon!

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