CDSA Judge Prerequisites Criteria

Judge Applicants must maintain a current CDSA Membership, meet one of the following criteria and previously competed in Detection Sports completing a minimum of 1 title.

  • CNWI Certification, current or retired.

  • Detection Sport Instructor, minimum of 1 year experience teaching group classes or retired with more than 3 years experience.

  • Professional Detection Handler minimum of 2 years experience or retired with more than 3 years experience.

  • Maintain a current CDSA Membership

  • Completion of a title in any Detection Sport Organization

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Video

    2. Presentation Slides

    3. Dog in White Module

    4. DIW Quiz

    5. Judge Information Module

    6. Judge Information Quiz

    1. CDSA Trial Judge Information Package

    2. Judge Information Package & Rule Book Quiz

    3. Next steps!

    4. CDSA Judge's Day of Checklist

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